Courses for Erasmus+ exchange students

Courses for Erasmus+ students
Autumn/Spring semester, 2018-2019

Course title ECTS
Autumn semester
Agricultural Business Management 8
Agricultural Market and Trade in Agricultural Products 6
Basics of Communication 4
Basics of Economics, Marketing and Market Research 6
Horticulture and Animal Husbandry Production Economy 5
 Study programme: CHEMICAL ANALYSIS
Autumn semester
Methods of Biochemical Analysis 3
Microbiology 3
Physical Chemistry 6
Quality of Chemical Analysis 3
Standardisation and Metrology 3
Specialisation Practice (in the company) 9
 Spring semester
Biochemistry 3
Biotechnology 3
Chromatographic Analysis 6
Extraction and Purification of Bioproducts 6
Final Practice (in the company) 9
Methods of Biochemical Analysis 3
Sample Preparation 3
 Study programme: FOOD TECHNOLOGY
Autumn/Spring semester (in a company)
Bread Baking Technologies Professional Practice 20
Catering Enterprises Production Technologies Professional Practice 20
Final Professional Practice (in a company) 10
General Technological and Food Quality Professional Practice 10
 Study programme: LANDSCAPE DESIGN
Autumn/Spring semester
Construction and Building of Small Architecture 10+10
Growing Technologies of Ornamental Plants 10+10
Landscape Architecture 10+10
Ornamental Plants 5+5
 Study programme: VETERINARY MEDICINE*
 Autumn semester
Animal anatomy  10
Epizootology 5
Obstetrics and Gynaecology 5
Surgery 10
Professional Practice on Animal Disease Therapy and Prevention 10
 Spring semester
Animal Physiology  4
Microbiology 3
Parasitology 3
Pharmacology and Recipe 3
Professional Practice of Clinical Veterinary Medicine Training 10
Professional Practice on Pet Animal Nursing 10
Small Agricultural Animal Care and Health 10

* – Level of studies: Professional Bachelor’s Degree in Pre-Clinical Veterinary Medicine and Qualification of Veterinary Assistant

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