The Faculty of Agrotechnologies is a subdivision of Vilniaus Kolegija / University of Applied Sciences, which is one of the largest universities of applied sciences in Lithuania providing higher education college studies focused on practical activities.

Basic values of the Faculty such as professionalism, sense of community, coherence and balanced harmony complement and strengthen the academic advantage of the institution,
which is the basis for the implementation of all strategic development goals. The set mission obliges us to change constantly and be prepared to respond to the changing needs of a rapidly developing society and improve the learning environment for students of all study modes.

The Faculty offers five study programmes: Agribusiness Technologies, Chemical Analysis, Landscape Design, Food Technology and Veterinary Medicine.

The main organiser and performer of the study process and applied research is the Department.

The Faculty is situated on a large 10 hectare piece of land with beautiful landscape close to Vilnius City. We have three training premises: the main building, a veterinary clinic and an outdoor laboratory. Collectible ornamental plant nursery was modernised in 2012 during the implementation of the EU funded project.

Harmonious teacher staff ensures that independent, active and creative-minded personalities can prepare for their professional life.

The Faculty community actively participates in national and international events, competitions, disseminates the latest scientific and practical achievements.

Studies at the Faculty are organised in line with labour market needs and focus on practical training, which accounts for more than one-third of the study time. Wellequipped laboratories, such as general chemistry, organic chemistry, instrumental analysis, food chemistry, bread and other bakery products, meat production and sensory analysis, infectious diseases, and pathology, allow achieving practical study outcomes.

Students of the Faculty carry out their professional practice in various Lithuanian and foreign companies and institutions.

In order to develop the internationalisation of the study process, each department has prepared optional modules taught in a foreign language which last at least one semester and have the amount of 30 credits. This opens wide opportunities for the cooperation of interdisciplinary studies with partners. Every year the Faculty organises the International Weeks. The dynamics of outgoing students shows that the number is steadily increasing.

During the study period students have the opportunity to develop generic skills  in the Student Scientific Society, volunteering in the Animal Welfare Organization, choosing the workouts in their favourite sports, singing and dancing in the ensembles “Voruta” and “Zelma” or girls’ choir “Vaidilutės”.

Students are provided, upon request, a dormitory. We also have a canteen where you can have a delicious lunch and a student café to get a cup of good coffee.

Having completed the studies our graduates are successfully employed or continue studies in Lithuanian or foreign universities.

The Faculty successfully implements the concept of lifelong learning. We have consistently implemented formal and informal qualification courses in the most relevant topics during the past 10 years.

Due to the diversity of study programmes we have been meeting the broad needs of the society, while learner-oriented studies and mobility help students develop skills needed for the changing labour market.